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A legendry game created in the 6th form common room of The Cherwell School. Founded by Dave C, Tom H, Jamie H and Luke G. A high octane game which involves hitting a ball of rolled up paper coated in Surridge Selotape, the aim is to keep it above ground level is the main goal. There are many foul plays such as Sharky (el sharkó) however these can be solved by a GaY Off or 2 Men in contention let play. If you lose ur clapped out, if they start clapping, u leave. Each contestant has 3 lives and 3 touches. There are however many other variations. With equally high octane. Past champions have been all creators as well as Rupesh P, Wathanga W, John S. The legendary players are ofcourse Andre the failure and the only succesful female Harriet G.
Hand Job Ball...Life
by H.J.B October 03, 2006
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