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cosmopolitan jetsetter, artist and general loverboy
uhh, that hamou, he can touch my dingalingdingdong anytime
by roi pop January 08, 2010
Describes a person who is both handsome and famous, not to be confused with Hamous
Nick Cannon is hamous.
by apaulo July 26, 2013
Anyone that wears a pink shirt,drives and extreemly over done up car, listens to rap and doof doof dance music or belives that calling one's self a lad. Also anyone that thinks conformity is a way of life.
A leb driving a Suberru WRX with loud dance music, a person weraing a pink polo shirt, a lad wearing a white nike cap that doesnt sit properly on their head! That is what Hamous is.
by Daniel/Bodie October 08, 2005