That yummy stuff that comes out of ham when you squeeze it.
Maikki held the hamjuice above his head and squeezed its goodness into his mouth.
#ham #bacon #squeeze #maikki #hammerquad
by The List. February 15, 2010
Top Definition
The copious amounts of ass crack sweat that drips, settles and moistens the gusset of one's panties or underwear. Ham Juices leave a wet mark running from the taint upwards to the waistband. Ham Juices are caused by vigorous exercise or routine activity in high heat and humid climates.
Frank: Hi Carl. How was your work out today?
Carl: It was great. Got a good pump. Really had the Ham Juices today though.
Frank: Hope you showered up Brahhhhhh!

Carl: That gusset was dripping wet like a $2.00 crack whore on a Friday after payday.
Frank: Nasty Brohhhhhhh!
#ass #ass juice #sweat #work out #gusset #gusset vinegar #moist #ass sweat
by Dick Uppinsider March 12, 2015
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