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An amazing Australian radio show and a hilarious comedy duo made up of Hamish Donald Blake and Andrew Thomas Lee. They were made popular by "Rove" and their push to make "Ghosting" a sport.
Guy: Did you hear Hamish read Fred Basset?

Guy2: Haha. Andy made him walk through mouse traps...epic!

Girl: Hamish & Andy...*drool*
by JessGBlakeLee July 23, 2010
Australian comedy duo capable of providing high volumes of entertainment. Should really be the "Hamish Show, supported by Megan Gale's boyfriend".
"Did you see Hamish & Andy on Rove?"

"Ummm... I saw Hamish and he was funny as shit.. but come to think of it there was some other lanky guy there".
by Gtrain123 July 27, 2008