An amazing Australian radio show and a hilarious comedy duo made up of Hamish Donald Blake and Andrew Thomas Lee. They were made popular by "Rove" and their push to make "Ghosting" a sport.
Guy: Did you hear Hamish read Fred Basset?

Guy2: Haha. Andy made him walk through mouse traps...epic!

Girl: Hamish & Andy...*drool*
by JessGBlakeLee July 23, 2010
Top Definition
Australian comedy duo capable of providing high volumes of entertainment. Should really be the "Hamish Show, supported by Megan Gale's boyfriend".
"Did you see Hamish & Andy on Rove?"

"Ummm... I saw Hamish and he was funny as shit.. but come to think of it there was some other lanky guy there".
by Gtrain123 July 27, 2008
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