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The word Hamiltonish is derived from the City of Hamilton's name in northern Cincinnati, Ohio. 90% of the city is filled with nothing but sick, degenerate fucks who live in filth and burn down their own neighbors houses for fun. the ENTIRE city is inhabited by what is referred to as "Hilljacks", "Hillbillies", "Cholos", "Chicanos", "Swamp Rats", "Shovelheads", "spics", and "sand niggers" that run around with whistler tips and fart pipes on their P.O.S. cars. The very few parts of Hamilton that are nice unfortunately DOESN'T include North E st. Ultimately Hamiltonish is not a positive comment/gesture.
"aw snap! you see that hoe's whip? Dat shit be Hamiltonish!"
by bigjknuf July 03, 2009
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