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A very smart and intelligent person a Tech guy, an awesome sexy hot looking person sexy style, really muscular.
Boy: I wish I was hamid :(
Girl: You wish!
#strong #tech #smart #geek #sexy
by JJJJJ103 June 27, 2010
Generally "Hamid" is a Arabic male first name that has several meaning:

1.In Islam "Hamid" is one of the ninety-nine attribute names of Allah
A:his name is Hamid,he recently came from Iran
B:Hamid?it's a Arabic name right?
B:what a creepy name!what does it mean anyway?
A:what you care?come on "Hamid" is just a name,like any other,don't make a big thing about it
#hamid #admirable #laudable #honorable #god #praiseworthy
by Hamid2547 February 01, 2011
The universally well-known conartist of the Middle East. Steals America's hearts and money, swoons the ladies, and humps hotties, all while getting rich off his oil. He owns blue suits, a Maserati, a well-decorated home, and his wife. He heads a portion of the Taliban, and trains suicide-bombers. In his spare time, he is also a used car salesman.
Woah, dude. Did you watch the news this morning? Hamid sent America a new video via Al Jazeera! I'm fuckin' scared for my life! The Amber Alert is high, I mean there is a red-flag warning now!
#humpz hotties #fortable #camille #a london #a gaby
by Gari Witertz October 05, 2006
to steal something because no one can see u ... ultimate darkness
I 'hamided' dwaynes chair, computer and life..

Check outside ur house cause theres Hamid is there with a U-Haul hamiding ur shit.
#five finger #steal #nigger #hamid #hamided #hamiding #darkness #blackness
by MYD February 21, 2007
extremely drunk and intoxicated off of alchohol
That chick is fuckin hamid right now
#hammered #cocked #drunk #intoxicated #tanked #spedcial
by CJenso February 15, 2009
A commonly used name for a piece of shit, lowlife person who pretends to be a friend but is actually a backstabber in disguise. Not meant to be insulting to individuals who actually have that name.
1: "Hey, look at that guy over there? Lets go talk to him he seems like a cool guy"

2: "Nah, that hamid is the biggest piece of shit backstabber you can find on this planet...lets steer clear of him. Fckk...he noticed us..."

1: "Wow, did you see that, he really pulled a hamid on his friend"

2: "Yea, should've seen it coming. I feel for the guy."

"To hamid" also means to put oneself in a position where one is viewed as a coward, a snitch, in other words a dead man walking.

"Hamid"s exist in all countries and at all levels of society, and get by for a time unnoticed, but eventually always get whats coming to them.
#coward #snitch #retard #backstabber #lowlife #no talent #piece of shit #asshole
by Mr Mayhem on Steroids September 26, 2013
1. Any of several Middle East-dwelling carnivore super intelligent species
2. A metaphorical question
3. archaic or dialect adverb At some distance in the direction indicated; over there
1. They say the poor bastard was attacked by a Hamid which is very intelligent and dewells in Middle East and feasts on flesh.
2. What did you do to my fucking car bitch?
3. A: Where iseth my carriage you grimalkin?

B: It iseth right overeth hamid
#hamed #mohamid #ahmid #h%#@&d #hamud
by män-'täzh July 28, 2009
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