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Character from the 70's era Blaxpoitation film Dolemite. Notable for his use of crack cocaine, knowledge of the ghetto in which he resides, and his ability to obtain hamburgers from the hamburger stand free of charge... because he is indeed a hamburger pimp. Also has his own funky theme song whenever he hobbles around.
Dolemite: Weeell if it isn't the Hamburger Pimp. Say, Hamburger Pimp!

HP: Ayy fella you don't know me man... uhh... who you talking to anyway. Better get on befo' you get jumped on.

Dolemite: Now who's bad enough to do all of that?

HP: Well, me, nigga, me! Man, I'm so bad I kick my own ass twice a day. He ain't sayin nothin.
#dolemite #blaxploitation #nigga #ghetto #crack #pimp #hamburger #cheesebuger #negro
by Hamburger Pimp July 05, 2009
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