One of the Hottest Production groups out these days! They be making them beats that go HAM and thats why they cal themselves HamSquad. They Beat the trunk down and be having the craziest drops I've ever heard.

904beast and cmc are part of hamsquad
Guy 1: Yo I heard that Gold Grill Shawty song Beat Bangaz and shawty redd produced for soulja boy and juiceman

Guy 2: oh nawww bro, Hamsquad dropped that beat, they be goin too hard!
by Trunk Whammer September 12, 2009
Top Definition
A group of ignorant, low-life, burnouts who sell marijuana, wear hCo, A&F, gold chains and ed hardy. They also cannot pass their freshman year of high school, pull NO hoes, and do absolutely nothing with their lives post-high school.

On their playlist: Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, and Brick Squad (who they aspire to be).

They also obnoxiously scream HAM SQUAD at any party, store, or hallway they walk down in their fine institution of higher education.

They will slump you dawg so you better be squadded when you see these cats.
I was at this party when Ham Squad rolled up trying to slump my n*gga Alex. I got all my bros together because this dude Matt White was trying get on his slam piece, so we fought. It was chill.
by feelincrisp1234 October 15, 2010
The hottest music producers in the game CMCbeats & 904beast. Making music for the hottest artist in the business. They have the craziest baselines and drops out! Melody genius's.
HamSquad makes the hottest beats.
by SexiiLipzz April 13, 2010
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