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An Internet holiday consisting of gaming, hanging out, and ham/brownie consumption in great quantities.

Currently unrecognized by most news outlets and governments, Ham and Brownie Day will surely become a fixture of calendars in the near future.

Ham and Brownie Day occurs on August 12th of every year. As the day approaches, observers of this holiday often stock up on ham products and brownies in anticipation of the amazing parties sure to ensue.

When the day finally arrives, participants are encouraged to eat their fill of ham and brownies, then do whatever the heck they want from then on. Play video games, sleep, read a book, watch TV, whatever. Ham and Brownie Day is mostly about the celebration of all things ham-ish and brownie-like, as well as centered on having a good time. It's a feel-good holiday that anyone can take part in!
Yo! Ham and Brownies day is coming up! Get Kyle down here with some fine-ass ham!
by Admiral Titus July 05, 2010
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