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an uber-cool girl who is possibly north african, middle eastern or south asian. mad-chill, calm, real and amazing. a girl with a zest for life and others. she brings life to the party. sharp, beautiful, and musical. a picture of grace. dares to dream - creative visionary. has moxy.
Halima was a princess of the Ghassanids, and a daughter of King al-Harit. In 529 CE she led a battle against the Labmidians, who had sacrificed her brother to their goddess.

"Women in Power 500-750" at Guide2womenleaders.com
by Goes out in style February 05, 2010
a cool girl who possibly somali or arab. mad-chill, calm and amazing. a girl who can show you a good time and a time to remember. amazingly amazing, cool and sexy as hell.
hey im halima.
well, helloooo sexy!
by Amilah June 27, 2009