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forgotten continent where half black people live.
I was born in Halfrica, not Africa.
by thedude1234 March 19, 2009
<half-rick-uh> - fictitious magical place where mulatto people come from, like little people come from the merry old land of Oz, or elves come from the North Pole, Halfricans from Halfrica. People from Halfrica often retain super-human qualities of both races (see Tiger Woods, 3 time PGA green jacket wearer, Halle Berry, the most beautiful woman alive, and Barack Obama, the first Halfrican American President.)
Because one of Barack Obama's parents came as a legal immigrant from Indonesia, and the other one is from Kansas, we can logically deduce that he is truly from the magical land of Halfrica.
by SergioMomarsh May 10, 2009