My hairstylist isn't gay. He's half and half.
by Sombrero Siesta Fiesta May 22, 2011
a rolled joint consisting of half tabacco and half weed.
this shits good so just roll like 3 half and halfs and we'll be good.
by Mr. 420 October 06, 2006
Known in Baltimore, Maryland as the equal mixture of iced tea with lemon juice.
Joe: Let's go to Lexington market to get a half and half.
Sasha: Ok, but make sure you bring your camera so i can tape all of the crackheads.
by rx220 June 23, 2010
A dairy product used to dilute coffee.
"I didn't want 2%, I wanted half and half."
by kucitizen June 04, 2004
A mixed drink of lemonade and ice tea. Prefectly complements a chicken box or lake trout. Genuine half and half is only found in southern cities in "ghetto" areas.
Chinese man: Wat u want?
Shamesha: Get me a jumbo half and half and a chicken box wid a thigh and wing.
Chinese man: 6 dala
by B.M0r3ZB^dd3ZtChiQ July 19, 2008
half and half is when someone sucks your dick and then your asshole...a little blow job, then a little rim job...half in front, half in back....usually an action performed by a hooker
something said to a prostitute "hey baby, how much for a half and half"......or something a prostitute would say "menu includes half and half for $50 or the whole thing for $100"
by i aint telling you my name October 02, 2003

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