Another boring FPS. Sadly, it has a huge database of n00bish fan-boys, who say it is "godly" and "awesome" and "beats the living shit out of Halo". Some, actually, alot say HL2, is better then Halo 2. But I say, they both suck after a while of playing. Yet again, there hasnt been a game that truly revoulutionizes ( I know I spelled that wrong. ) the FPS Genre. Some say HL2 is that true game, but I say nay. HL2 only has graphics and a good physics engine. Whoo-hoo. If your smart, you wont care about that, you would care about the fun factor of the game. I dont give a rats ass if HL2 has an awesome physics engine, or good graphics. Personally, I have more fun playing Pong then HL2 and Halo 2.
Friend- Didja buy that awesome game HALF LIFE 2?! ITS GOT AWESOME GRAPHICS AND PHYSICS!!!!

Me- Why would I buy that? So I can waste 50 dollars on it, play it for a week and get bored of it? Its just a carbon copy of another FPS.


Me-.... Your a fucking retard....
by Adam Chambers August 27, 2006
Waste of $50. Boring SP, Boring MP.Only the last 1/3 of the game is ok. Even that is boring. Graphics are OK compared to Chaos Theory
I played it, beat it in a day on hard. Multiplayer got boring in a day. Good Multiplayer game= Halo 2. Good single player game = Halo 1.
by chaos recon March 22, 2005
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