someone who has pale skin and freckles but is not red-haired. half gingers tend to be too awesome for their own good. they usually have hazel eyes and nice boobs (if they are female) or in the male case, a nice ass. half gingers love to make jokes about having "half a soul". full gingers consider themselves superior to the half gingers.
GINGER1: what's up my ginga?!
GINGER2: not much ginga!
HALF GINGER: aye gingas what's crackin?!
GINGER1&2: don't call us that...
(awkward silence)
by thehalfginger June 05, 2011
Top Definition
A Half Ginger is someone who fits a few qualities of a ginger yet isn't completley there. They tend to have strawberry blonde hair and are able to become tanned.
Half gingers are notoriously sexy and tend to be great in bed. Half gingers are able to control there rage unlike full gingers but when they let it loose they are still able to kick some ass. Half Ginger are much different from their counterparts the full out gingers and usually for the better.
"That guys a ginger!"
"Naw he's just a half ginger.. cant u tell? hes tanned and hot.. defs a daywalker."
by jojojojo123 June 11, 2009
Someone with red hair, but no freckles, and normal skin. Half gingers are able to get tans, and love the water. Half gingers also may refer to someone with strawberry blond hair. Half gingers are very sexy, and work great together. They are asian where it counts (the head) and black where it counts (If he's a male) Half gingers also have an awesome sense of humor, and are very charismatic.
Deven: Dang, look at that half-ginger, I'd go gay for him.
Barb the Lesbian: Man, I'd go strait for him...
Deven: Back of Bizzatch, he's mine!
Barb: Damn, he's walking off with another Daywalker, We have no chance...
by Half-Ginger February 19, 2010
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