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A seduction/self defense mechanism of Canadian women where they only shave one armpit while the other is left to grow unhealthily long. The young canuckette shields the bald shoulder pocket with a purse, thereby she has the option to demonstrate to potential suiters her bare side, or the hairy side (the wing).
Example 1:

Girl: "Right after I gave my beaver a raise, I began clearcutting my pit pubes but ran out of time, so now I'm sporting a half standard.

Example 2:

Guy 1: "I just asked that hot plotte down there for her number and she flapped her wing."

Guy 2: En tabarnak

Example 3:

Guy: "The paradox is this: The wing of a half standard actually turns me on, but I only get to see it when rejected."

Guy 2: "Damn pitpubes get the best of us."
by Hollywood Halk February 21, 2010
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