1. A popped collared douche-bag who reminisces about being popular due to high school sports, but currently suffers from the consequences of stupid decisions made in high-school/post graduation;

2. An individual who does not, or to a limited extent, participates in sports, but memorizes various player stats for the purpose of garnering an identity.

(At the grocery store)

Craig: "Hey is that Eric bagging groceries?"

Chris: "Yeah, I guess being amazing at phys-ed does not take you far in life..."

Craig: "What a half jock..."


Craig: (observing a fat, but nicely dressed in american eagle clothing individual watching football with his "bro's" at a bar, spewing off names, stats etc.) "Hey Chris, check out that half Jock."

Chris: "Yeah, what a douche."
by JumberJack mc Tits June 23, 2010

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