One of the greatest Houston Rocket NBA Players.
Hakeem Olajuwon is "steady".
by KJ2006 March 28, 2006
Top Definition
The greatest center to play in the NBA. He could move like a guard, score, pass, block, rebound, defend. You name it he could do it. He played the majority of his career for the Houston Rockets and then later played and retired with the Toronto Raptors.
Did you see that block?

Who? Oh, that is Hakeem Olajuwon Oh really.
by david faustino April 04, 2012
The greatest center to every play the game of basketball. He had every ability a basketball player needed to have: offensive moves, blocks, you name it. A great man on AND off the court.
David Robinson: yo hakeem wat up bitch
*Hakeem Olajuwon smashes the fuck out of David Robinson*
by hakeemolajuwonfcksyouintheass November 11, 2007
he is the best player EVER to don a Houston Rockets jersey.
i remember one of hakeem olajuwon's best moves back then was that sick "dream shake" against david robinson. the admiral couldn't keep up with the dream!
by dreamshake12 July 29, 2009
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