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About 45 mins or an hour passed stated start time.

In the event that, a Haitian event is being thrown (Birthday party, Wedding, Church, etc...) it is normal for participants to arrive 45 mins to an hour late.

This was derived from EST (Eastern Standard Time) and adding 45 mins to an hour for late-ness

Party start time is suppose to be 4pm, Haitians arrive at 4:45 or 5pm because they run on HST.
Person 1: Dang! Church started and there's only 4 people in the audience!

Person 2: Yeah, dats that HST for ya!

Person 1: What?!

Person 2: HST, you know, Haitian Standard Time

Person 1: Lol!
by Coicou August 01, 2011
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