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One who seeks knowledge. A man well endowed, with silent strength. A scapegoat for the ignorant. One who the simple minded obsess over. One of good nature who is persecuted by the wicked. A wiseman who drowns in a sea of fools.
He was a good man. It's just not right how he got haithemed.
by The Dude84 September 01, 2006
Snicket or one who snickets. See snicket.
Guy: Yo! Hait-
Dude: Yo shut up, that's snicket, not Haithem.
Guy: Oh word. Sup snicket.
by Leminy January 13, 2009
Haithem is a term used mainly in Cardiff and Bradford for someone who looks like a grasshopper and is impotent. He is said to have good taste in films and football teams but looked as a failure by his family due to not being able to use a PS3 and waste their time.
Abdul: Did the Jew have sex with her last night??
Tifter: Nah hes a Haithem

Ussi: Yo check out that nightcrawler
Usama: Nah man hes a Haithem not a crawler
by postmandon August 31, 2009
A kid with glasses who is annoying, is a retard(not really but acts like one), gets beat up by people... a lot, and has joy annoying people
Haithem just stole my shoe and now is running away with it!
That kid's a Haithem.
by Some guy April 22, 2005

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