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A medical condition of the nipple found solely on African-American women. This condition engulfs 64% of the breast, and is characterized by a pinkish hue with chocolate chip-esk, dark spots that litter the entire surface. Out of each spot will grow white hair of a pubic quality that will reach lengths of four to six inches. This disease is contracted upon passing a certain body weight along with a certain amount of hours straight of inactivity.
Hey, look at those hairy cookie nips!

Tasty hairy cookie nips are my favorite!

Oh my gosh! What happened to all the hairy cookie nips?

Mommy, Daddy said "hairy cookie nips" when describing you. What does it mean?

I think my hairy cookie nips spread to my genitals.
#regular nips #albino nips #economy #non-sexy nips #sexy nips #jewish nips #anything-but-hairy-cookie-nips #scottland
by It's time to think Butthole January 24, 2012
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