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It started long ago in a Newgrounds topic and now lived on as a cult NG classic. Some idiot made a joke topic about Operation, called "IS IT WATER ON THE KNEE?"

The author's first post was "A WHOLE BUCKET SEE!" and he left a tiled pic of a mustacioed man with a helmet. The first non-author post was "Hahaha, ha."

Someone quoted that post and said it again. This forced a long chain of Hahaha, ha.'s. They started posting funny, strange pics after saying it.

The madness went on for three whole pages until the mod Redcircle locked the topic, saying "Hahaha, ha."

Many NGers jokingly fight for the unlocking of the topic, and lived in NG today. Many users try to start it up again, but get ban threats.
At 3:05 AM Sheck said:
: Hahaha, ha.

Hahaha, ha.
by sheck July 27, 2005
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