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Haha'd is a similar phrase like Lol'd.

Basically you're laughing like "haha" but to tell people you've laughed you'd say "I just haha'd" or "haha'd".
Person A: Yo bro'! Ma bitch got pregnant!
Pereson B: Haha'd man! I just haha'd! I told ya to wear protection!

Example 2:
*Reads something on a forum"
- Haha'd! That's so funny! Hahahahaha'd!
by Rsbothelper February 09, 2012
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Statutory rape through prison bars, usually between a composer and an opera singer.
"Yeah, I'm doing time for hahad...last night...and then I got punched in the balls for trying to compose on the wall."
by innocent! February 24, 2008

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