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to belly dance.
Originates in Sweden. There is a popular wives tale about an old woman named Haezel Fuubenraukis, who was a unicorn farmer. She once went on a pilgrimage to Egypt to get more unicorns. When she arrived in Egypt the men refused to sell their unicorns to a woman, without the knowledge of the "special dance". Therefore, Haezel recieved lessons from the Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra. Upon arrival, Haezel not only had unicorns, but a new dance to show to everyone. She could not pronounce the words "belly" or "dance" therefore, she named it "Hae Fuub" after herself.
"Hey, the other day Tony Danza and I went to Hae Fuub class together. He has crazy, chizzled, rock hard abs!"
by Tay123456 September 28, 2007
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