A white trash neighbor full of blue collar workers. They are the anus of haddonfield but less shitty then haddon heights. Actually, just as shitty as heights.
Wow! My plumber lives in haddon township.
by bryan hutches December 12, 2006
Top Definition
A rather large trailer park located in South Jersey where hicks, slutty 13 year old girls, wiggers and emo biker fags roam the parking lots of McDonalds, Wendy's and Primo Water Ice. The people of Township are rumored to eat their cereal with Keystone Light instead of your typical bowl of milk. To Township youth, every town surrounding their 2.8 square mile trash pit they call home, is inferior, especially Haddonfield because "they dun be sum rich arseholes and therefour is a bunch of fags, yeehaw tawnsheip!"

Township is basically fail.
Average Human being - "Hello. Where are you from?"

Haddon Township Resident - "TAAAWNHEIP! yeehaw!" (takes swig from flask of whiskey)
by Seamore Jugs May 06, 2009
A town in South Jersey that's not as nice as Haddonfield but not as bad as Collingswood. The school & sports system is very good. THE RUMORS ABOUT KEYSTONE LIGHT IN CEREAL IS NOT TRUE. There's not much to do here, so all the sluts, whores and emo people hang out around Primo Water Ice to look cool. We like our town but we don't necessarily like the people in it. Some people confuse Haddon Township with Haddonfield, where the people are rich, obnoxious snobs that think they're superior to everyone.

Haddon Township resident: HADDONFIELD, Y U NO ACT NORMAL??

Haddonfield resident: HADDON TWP, Y U NO BE COOL AND RICH LIKE US????
by mypseudonymguys July 13, 2011
Also known as Haddon Townshit. People here think they are better than everyone, even though were worse. There's nothing to. So we hang out and McDonald's & Primos, to act cool. People drink, get high, and act like sluts, for the fun of it. And, because people think they are so awesome, they shit talk and run there mouths ALL day. We like to fight, to be tough. We're also dumb asses who fight on school grounds. Did I mention were all fags?
Girl One- "This weed is the shit, man. Pass the beer?"
Girl Two- "Sure, bro. Wanna go get water ice, at Primo."
Girl One- "Fuck yeah, you fag."
Boy One- "Fuck! The cops!"
Haddon Township does the same thing tomorrow.
by YourLatestSlut April 18, 2011
A great, pleasant town filled with spirit. There are absolutely no bad parts of Westmont to live in. No trailer trash, few slutty girls and AMAZING sports teams. It is really such a shame that a great town like Haddon Twp. has to be located next to a town called Haddonfield. Well, you may call it that but we call it a town full of snobs and assholes. Haddon Twp. shouldn't even be compared to that repulsive excuse for a town. GO HAWKS!
Haddon Township resident-- "What a nice day!"

Haddonfield resident-- "My weather is better than your weather. HA."

HT resident-- ...........
by GOHAWKSGO February 12, 2011
Haddon township is not a bunch of snob puss cake kids like haddonfield but not the white trash like audobon. all walks of life but one thing in common party hard. if your from haddon twp. you know that you grew up in high school off of keystone light. haddon twp. students and alumni can drink with any other town in the states. beer, blunts and bitches is the code.
person 1 : where did you go this weekend

perspn 2 : Haddon Township
person 1 : how was it ?
person 2 : i dont plan on partying anywhere else from now on
by hearddat September 08, 2011
A small town in jerseythat isn't as nice as haddonfield but not as shity as audubon and collingswood.since there is nothing else to do everyone parties. the high school is alright and its always gossip about what happened on the weekend and whats going on the upcoming weekend. the kids of ht get high everyday,and get drunk with keystone light everynight. no matter what the other surrounding towns think ht goes 10x harder than them. haddonfield kids poop on pianos,are 3 beer queers,and always puss out of fights. audobon kids all want to drink, but normaly fail to have a party and when they do they suck cock.haddon heights has weird girls that r never attractive so the parties suck.in ht if u dont drink ur weird and have no friends. ht owns keystone light and is the best party town in south jersey.
guy #1- any parties going on tonight.
guy #2- in haddon township obviously,i have heard of 6 kegers goin on

get fucked up or ur gay
by will out drink you November 28, 2010
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