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Someone who is a elite hacker, usually around level 27, who can, like, totally fuck with the system. This man is talented, probably lives at home with his mom, and is really really good at WoW.

How does one become a hacksaur?
Simply devote you life to computers and all things technological. It is the only way, I mean, one does not simply walk in to Mordor, just as one does not simply transform in to a hacksaur.

Hacksaur derrives from a WoW character, but you knew that already, didn't you- you hacksaur apprentice.
Fact: Looking it up on Urban Dictionary is the first step of becoming one.
Jane: I'm sitting in my fucking library trying to play fucking tetris and Websense- the root of ALL EVIL wont let me.
Random kid with acne and glasses: Let me see you Mac.
*Sneezes on it, hands it back"*
Here you go, not only does it do tetris now, it also flys.

The whole library in unison: THANK YOU HACKSAUR!
by your mother in mah bed February 20, 2009
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