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The Texas Hold 'em starting hand 7-5 suited.

Although the specific reason why the hand was named for the small Cameron Parish town on LA-27, the name is said to have been initially made popular both at the Lake Charles Isle of Capri poker room and in several homegame circles in Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas.

A weaker, speculative hand that is beleived by most to only be profittable in certain situations, such as many players to an unraised pot, and in late position, the Hackberry Hammer will rarely find glory on the felt. Regardless, the novelty value of the ambiguous nickname at least gives some players a second thought when peering down at the 7c5c, 7s5s, 7h7h, or 7d7d.
I snuck in off the big blind with the Hackberry Hammer and managed to boat up when the flop spewed a pleasant 7, 7, 5
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