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HackSociety is a very wonderful website that you can find on the web. The site is filled with many members that are HQ. There are little to no trolls, skids, leechers, and so on. The site has many experienced members that actually know how to code, hack, help, and so on. If you need help regardless if it is hacking, coding, gfx or just need some help feel free to join. Unlike many other hacking sites we have a GREAT owner, GREAT mods, and GREAT members like Unknown™ :P We also run on a very special currency called ForumGold So you don't have to spend money.
Person 1: I need coding help :(
Person 2: You should go to Hacksociety.net and ask Rodaxoleaux the Lab Rat.

Person 1: I need help with Rat's
Person 2: You should go to this GREAT site called hacksociety.net and ask Unknown™
by Unknown™ March 04, 2012