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One who feels compelled to Threaten others with hack threats in an attempt to scare them into doing what that person wants.
Steve: I will fucking hack you if you do not fucking suck my dick!!!

Dave: What a Hack Fag...
by Thejapanesecondom August 17, 2010
A wannabe hacker. One who has no online gaming or hacking skill, and in their gayness to acquire it, downloads epic amounts of Pr0n & unskilled toastering 'Bots and Wallz. They become "Hackfags", in search of "Teh Cawks".

Afterwards, they may revert to the primordial state of "Hacktard". Neither should be approached as literate, but probably illegitimate. In the wild, they run in moderately large packs primarily consisting of autistic 10-15 year olds.
ZOMG, Jimmy! U jst epic pwned Jerry with your noobzor lazors & bots! HACKFAG!
by OneEyedGodzilla May 23, 2009
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