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An online police department dedicated to protecting Habbos from bullying and scamming. It was founded November 2005 by the two users, ThunderwolfX and carstud. To this day, there are over 40,000 members. It is the biggest name in Habbo law enforcement due to their different yet secure Headquarters and helpful, loyal, and dedicated members. The staff is broken down into various divisions and ranks all doing different jobs.
----------------Habbo Elite Police Force Divisions---------------

Standard Division: Recruiting new members.
SWAT Division: Patrolling rooms and reporting unlawful acts.
Detectives & Forensics Division: Analyzing evidence, like screenshots, to present in the Courtroom
Law Division: Studying the elements of law. People report unlawful acts to them and they try people in Court if necessary.
Trainer Division: Training new recruits.
Medical Division: Dedicated to healing the wounded, whether EPF staff or not.
Jail Division: Studying the jail and how to operate cells.
Security Division: Keeping HQ, the jail, and any other parts of EPF secure.
High Rank Division: Supervising HQ, answering questions, and handling some issues that occur.
Top Management Division: Seeking out hard-working staff to promote and overseeing HQ. Handles many issues.
Senior Management: Promoting hard-working High Ranks, watching out for HQ. Handles many issues.
Administrative Division: Handles many issues, is an administrator of a certain activity.
Owner Division: Handles most issues, represents ThunderwolfX in his time of absence, has authority to create rules, alliances, and activities as long as others agree.
Presidential Division: Has authority over Owners and below, can create rules, alliances, and activities.
Founders Division: Has full authority over everyone, handles every issue, can create rules, alliances, and activities.
by EPF-Owner-Kelly April 07, 2012
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