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an exclaimaiton used when someone is amazed/excited/horney/agreeing. Huffah is a word you use when you feel like it
gregory: i would like to eat some grapes my dear sir

juan: as would i amigo, HUFFAH!!

gregory: HUFFAH!

together: HUFFAH!!
by HaMaMo August 29, 2008
Huffah is a word used in times of excitement, happy, or other well-related times of emotion.
It was started by a small group of friends who don't really have lives, and needed a new word because they got tired of words like, "dope", "happy", "etc." and etc.
Friend 1: Oh my gosh, I just found $100!
Friend 2: HUFFAH!
Friend 1: HUFFAH!
Friend 1 + 2: HUFFAH!!!
Friend 3: Shut up.
by Miller Liv M August 05, 2011
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