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HTTP= Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.(information between servers and browsers)
ASSAULT= A violent attack.

Ambushing someone on MSN messenger by sending them a URL link and suggesting that it is something they will want to view. However it is actually something abominabley repulsive, leaving them in complete bewilderment and disappointment.

Todd: Sup Barney, check out this pic of the hottie that Josh is bang'n....

Barney: Sweet, I gotta see this!!!

***TWO Minutes Later***

Barney: Fuck you man, I didnt wanna see that shit, you asshole, that was nasty! I was 1/2 way thru eating this big tub of cottage cheese too, and now i lost my appetite! You fag!

Todd: pwn3d :) :) :)
by M Dogg August 16, 2006
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