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The sound you make when you puke.
Fappo: "Oh god, I gotta pu-HOORJ!"
by BottleOfAle February 08, 2011
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Coined by Pokey the Penguin, a version of the exclamation "hooray!"
"I will not mangle your intestines."
by Liz October 10, 2003
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actually a strike through is required but it is an exclamation of happiness or goodness like "cool!" or "rad!" or "awesome" or "straight trippin". I believe it was invented by Pokey the Penguin
Me: There's a new pokey the penguin comic!
by matt April 02, 2003
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yelled when sumthing good heapens
Fujiko: Lupin I love you. Come here and kiss me you hairy man-child!
Lupin: HOORJ!
by Evil Tim August 01, 2003
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Hoorj is an exclamation similar to "hai!" which is shouted by ninjas when they jump out at people. Hoorj originated in the comic strip Isometric, and has also been used in Pokey the Penguin.
You: Oh no! A ninja!
Ninja: HOORJ!
by df December 24, 2003
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Gwilym Morgan
Me: There's a new pokey the penguin comic!
You: Gwilym Morgan!
by riker April 05, 2003
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