Ignorant thoughtless bimbo who claims to hate wearing the uniform, and then on free dress days all come dressed exactly alike (polo shirt with flipped up collars, pearls/tiffany's, sweat pants, flip flops and the trademark ribbon). They also wear ugg boots (so named because of their sheer hideousness)and hike up their skirts so high that you are forced to see their thongs when they bend over and sit down. No one respects them, not even their classmates, just uses them for a quick shag. They have no scope of the world outside what they can see through their own colored contacts, and they don't care about any one else, only doing community service because it is a graduation requirement. They bitch and moan about how much they hate the school, and then freak out when you walk on the seal or talk badly about it, even when you also go there. They get drunk and take topless pictures of themselves making out with each other, and then bring the pictures in to show their friends (THIS IS A TRUE STORY). They also get high and, if they're on the sports team, they get away with it. They are racist, conservative cleptomaniacs who claim to be Catholic, while having flings, getting taken advanatage of, bragging about their sexual exploits and having abortions. There are the few people there who do not fall into this category, but when asked what school they go to, they either cringe or say they dropped out of high school. There's a lot more dignity in that answer than there is in the truth.
"What do you mean I'm a holy cross girl? Just because I went to the school...? Yea, well if you ever say it again, I'll cut you!"
by Mary Katherine Gallagher December 12, 2004
Top Definition
A TRUE Holy Cross girl is one who loves EACH AND EVERY ONE of her classmates as a sister. She knows what it means to put skin on Christ and she knows how to LIVE THE FOURTH. She genuinely cares to serve others not only because it is required, but because she WANTS to. She most likely has spent AT LEAST one day a week since her freshman year doing just that—serving others. She is a woman of Courage, Compassion, and Scholarship, and not afraid to say so. She knows that the Holy Cross Mixer is not only the first mixer each year, but the BEST mixer each year! She is not ashamed to go on a date and boogie with her daddy at least once a year! (She may even practice dance moves at home with her dad JUST SO they can win the dance contest!) Her favorite Christmas Song is “The Carol of the Bells”, but only when sung by the Madrigal Singers, of course! She can out eat any boy, and does not find that to be disgusting. Mardi Gras was her favorite out of uniform day because of all the free food at lunch. She either OWNs the Ralf Lauren Polo Co, Tiffany Co, and/or NorthFace Co, OR she is extremely outspoken with her own funky yet classy style. She owns at least 1000000bagillion things that are purple, and still wears them today even though she graduated in 1954. And last but not least, no matter what life has in store for her, she will always be comforted knowing that she has AHC sisters who will always be there for her.
by Katie Bowen Long '04 December 12, 2004
Holy Cross is an all girls school in Marlyand. Holy Cross Girls are the hottest girls in the Washington DC metropolitan area. The other all-girls schools that dont compare dont even need to be named - just know that Holy Cross beats them all. Holy Cross girls know how to party and hang out with the hottest guys. They are smart and get good grades but they arent anal about school like other girls in the area. Basically, Holy Cross girls know how to have a good time.
An example of two imaginary hot guys talking about Holy Cross girls wouldnt do them justice...
by AHCchicsKick05 November 11, 2004
The craziest and sexiest girls around, they are less stuck up than visitation stone ridge and ncs. Their skirts are at a length just short enough that leaves enough mystery to have the prep guys coming back for more. We drink we smoke we tan and we party hard core, but we can still come to school on monday looking like catholics(with ribons in our hair and pearls on our ears)
AHCgurl#1:Lets go get drunk and bang some prep guys!
AHCgurl#2:YEAH! But I have to be home by 4 am I have a bio test tomorrow
by The number 1 ho on a hill November 24, 2004
Noun: sweet, beautiful girl who looks oh-so-innocent in her cute uniform but knows how to party like crazy on the weekends. Quite possibly likes to smoke cigarettes and/or maryjuana, and drink excessively. One who often finds herself being copied by other private school girls, and lusted after by guys from all schools.
none needed. im sure you've all met/seen a holy cross girl. (if you're lucky)
by sexyliltartan December 02, 2004
Holy Cross is the best all girls school around and every girl from seton, visitation, good counsel,stone ridge, etc. wishes they could go to holy cross. A holy cross girl grows to become a woman of courage, compassion, and scholarship. Girls from visitation, stone ridge, and so on sweat the holy cross girls and all guys from gonzaga, prep, dematha, etc. wish that they could be with a holy cross girl. Don't know how to find a holy cross girl? look for the signiture ribbon in her hair and puple and white clothing. Girls from good counsel,visitation, and so on all sweat the ribbon! At holy cross a girl is sisters with every single lady of the academy no matter what race, year, or age they are. They always find a way to have fun at mixers and formals even if a few lights are on! "once a holy cross girl...always a holy cross girl."
Visitation Girl: I hate holy cross girls!!
Gonzaga Boy: I LOVE holy cross girls!!!
by tartans2004 December 19, 2004
The Academy of the Holy Cross is an all-girls school in Kensington, Maryland. It is full of the smartest girls in the Washington D.C. Metro Area, who are also very pretty and street-smart. However, unlike girls from Stone Ridge and Visitation, Holy Cross girls aren't ONLY about academics. They also value virtues such as courage and compassion. If you are on the metro and you spot a girl with a cute, light-blue skirt and fashionable navy polo (she probably also has a purple ribbon in her hair) then she probably goes to Holy Cross. The Academy is home to a family, not just a mass of students, who genuinely value each other's presence. Unlike some schools, girls who go to Holy Cross truly are followers of Christ and they have good, solid morals. But don't expect to find a bunch of uptight rich people when you visit. The Academy is known for its great scholarship program. About 50% of the student body is getting some sort of scholarship. And, to top it all off...Holy Cross girls are super, super good-looking and they know how to have a great time (especially at the Holy Cross MIXER!)
Person #1: Oh my gosh, who is that?
Person #2: She's soooooo pretty.
Person #1: I know right...I wonder who she is!
Girl: I'm a HOLY CROSS girl!!!!!! Did you know that according to the Vertical Angle postulate, all vertical angles are equal?
Person #1: Wow, you're smart too!
Person #2: Want to go out with me?
Girl: Sorry, but I'm dating this hot guy from Gonzaga.
by jesusistheonlyway September 29, 2010
Holy Cross Girls are beautiful, cute, peppy, sweet, and who are we kidding?- freakin sexy! They are all close sisters and they look out for each other so much. They love their friends, their lotas, and God! They know how to have a good time, and they love spending time with their girls. Many people think that ahc girls are sluts because Georgetown Prep is located RIGHT across the street from their campus. (which is a horrible reason (excuse) to call ahc girls sluts. YES, its is TRUE that many ahc girls have bfs at Prep but it doesnt make them sluts!...obviously!! Prep guys go to the ahc campus EVERYDAY after school because ahc girls are sweet and unresistable! dont hate on them because most guys have a standard...and unless you go to HOLY CROSS..you dont meet those standards. (the truth hurts girls...sorry.)

AHC GIRLS: um, we didnt "steal" your bfs. They asked us out..and we are pretty sure that you guys never dated them.

Girls From SJC, SR, HC, VISI, ext. : (damn they are right..lets just lie again and keep calling them sluts bc we cant get cute guys) SLUTS!!!!

AHC GIRLS: We feel so bad for you. oh! we have to go! OUR boyfriends are here! ;)
by ahcgirl forever21 July 13, 2011

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