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HMAS Fuerschke can only be defined as the home of the clinically insane, and are unbreakable. This group regularly meets and defies the laws of medical science, they can be seen practicing the art of getting shitfaced and pushing the boundaries of "binge drinking". Selection into this group of "PROFESSIONALS" is more arduous than selection for the SAS, producing a higher failure rate, with more injuries both mentally and physically. Rejection from this group has led to major psychosis for many of the participating candidates. This selection is known as a "the breaking of...".
HMAS Fuerschke 3 man version 2.0 (introduction of rules; 7, 4 and 10), Pants off Friday, room raids at rooting stations, pass the lollipop...
by HMAS Fuerschke candidate 006 July 02, 2011

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