The act of Holding the womans Hair Back out of the way while she performs oral sex.
J loves HHB (to Hold Rose's Hair Back) while she gives him a blow job.
by 2sharpe November 16, 2009
Short-hand for "Hallelujah Holla Back," the oft-quoted catch-phrase made famous by John Brown of VH1s The White Rapper Show, and the anthem of the Ghetto Revival.
Text Messager #1: Yo B! I just dropped a dirty raspberry houdini swirl on your mom's little cracker bitch ass!

Text Messager #2: OMG! HHB!
by Pablo Blumpkin June 09, 2007
Acronym: Stands for Hannah Hairy Box. Referred to Hannah Sutherland.
joe: "Look theres HHB!"
noel:"Who? Hannah Sutherland?"
joe: "Yea! HHB!"
by hellomotoyaya August 27, 2008

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