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Truck/Car Club located in San Diego, CA.

Originated in 2000 as a group of outcast BMX'ers from in a ghetto high school. As time went on, it held members together forming a lifestyle of its own. HCA is now a tight Brotherhood, members are brought together through their interests, and held tother by their beliefs.

HCA is not a gang despite the style, or "look" of the members. Most members in the club are products of their environment, most of which came from the streets of SouthEast San Diego.
Look for them at local car events, races, the sand dunes, car shows, rallies, etc., as HCA is forever growing!
"Did you see that pack of trucks pass us?"
"Yeah they looked mean all blacked out and loud! I wonder what those stickers meant?"
"Probably some kind of crew"

"That one team at the races tonight had some pretty sick rides, the bald headed thug lookin dudes"
"Yeah, I would hate to win pinks on them!"

"Hey what is HCA, man?"
"Our car/truck club, HCA HARDCORE ALLIANCE"
"Oh, can I join?"
"Hahaha. People dont just 'join'."
by HAMMER831 September 22, 2009
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