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a south east asian/middle eastern muslim name. popular among pakistani muslims. reserved for real ballers and playas.
Without Hammad they never would have won the game.
by BigBoi_Baller April 17, 2006
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Hammad means a person who is very sexy and often the funniest person in his friend circle. He's the best at what he does, absolutely amazing at sex. He does stuff no one else can ad leaves the other person stunned and begging for more. He's a dream come true for the ladies. He's a playa' and has beautiful girls falling for him. Everyone wants him. He treats a girl the way they should be and every girl in the world loves him. He's awesome and amazing. He's the god of sex. He can go for hours not stop.
Man, I wish I was hammad
I wish hammad was my bf
by poopgunner July 03, 2014
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"ZOMG yur mom is having a h.a.m.m.a.d. under our table!!!"
by yu-gi-oh March 11, 2008
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A definition to describe a black male who is very tall and smelly who likes to play basketball but because of his height and smell, nobody is able to play him in a game and win.

Guy1: Man I hate playing against that guy in basketball. He's so freakin tall and he smells like shit dude.

Guy2: I know right? He's such an Hammad.
by Fumo November 21, 2010
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Muslim who get with anyone but is race in avoidance to marrying before his desire. Cocaine addiction. High maintenanced gold digger. Party animal raver and loves popping any type of party pills.
Hammads an average fuck boy acting as if he's a true gentleman when otherwise is false proven threw time of bfriendahip or relationship. Just like his friends and family.
by Innocentvixen December 16, 2016
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