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1. H.O.M.T. - A team that constantly has to say "Hop Off My Tip" because males and females will not stay off of them! They are known for rejecting people by saying HOMT!
Question: "Where you from?"
*********** "H.O.M.T." ***********

Girl: "I like the way you just broke me off out there can I have your..."
Boy: "Bitch HOMT!"

Boy2: "A bro I just saw you dancing with my girl, catch fade !
Boy1: "Ahaha you crack me up nigga you cant be mad because your girls chose up! HOMT!"
by H.O.M.T. March 22, 2010
Hop off my turban.
Dude: You, you're a stupid idiot. What is that on your head?
Dude2: homt.
by justinmilburn August 25, 2010
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