last name of a hmong family; also spelt as herr; spelt hawj in hmong language
Danny Her, john her
by dan_her November 10, 2008
also reffering to a place
"Lets go ther and have some fun"
"Nah im havin fun right her"
by Po-ken July 02, 2003
n. A noun used usualy to refer to a crush that you seemingly can't get out of your mind, that is wonderful, but you either can't work up the courage to ask her out or you know you'll never have her. You'll often refer to 'her' in your Facebook status (see example). You probably spend your day dreaming about her as well. It could also be the name of an understood person that only your closest friends would know who you are talking about.
Facebook status: I just cant stop thinking about her.
I think I am in love with her.

Alternate use:
Hanging out with her at the movies.
by Defiant Blob February 07, 2010
her can be another way to say "here".
1: Put it right her!
2: No, over her!
3: Man, y'alls be frontin' hella much.
by Exhoc January 12, 2006
Northern Ireland countryboy/cultchie term, presumably derived as a shortening of "whore", used as an insult or exclaimation of pain.
"The her took all me money!"

"(having hit one's hand with a hammer) ah ye fuckin' her ye"
by Norn Iron October 16, 2005
When used in lyrics by artists with known drug habits/addictions - her will undoubtedly be interpreted by shallow moron fans as a reference to heroin. See Elliot Smith, Alice in Chains if you don't believe.
"'everything Reminds me of Her' is obviously referring to Heroin - Fan-Missing-Chromosome-18"
by Happelshmatz August 09, 2005
Beautiful, Amazing, Everything you could ever ask for in a Her, When you talk to Her it's almost as if no body else in the world truly exist, Her will be and for always will be Him's True love even if Him cannot have Her, The only hand him will ever want to Hold again
I will always and foralways love Her
by I be him June 01, 2016
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