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A gym hog is someone in the gym who obstructs others by occupying equipment for a ridiculous length of time.

Whether it be someone who:
1) Decides to have a "nice chat" with someone when they should be exercising.
2) Crowds around the equipment with a small group of friends.
3) "Claims" equipment with a towel or water bottle before disappearing for 10-20 minutes.
3) Decides long rests between their 10 sets is a fantastic idea.

These people's territorial nature seem destined to do nothing but waste your fucking time.
"We've been here for 45 minutes and that gym hog is STILL on the lat pulldown".
"I don't care that we've just done biceps the preacher curl is finally free and we're doing that shit right now".
"The rack's free! GO GO GO!".
by PaulusLovesMe July 03, 2013

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