Gwen stefani was once The lead singer of No Doubt and became very succesful. Started a great solo career aswell as a new fashion line that has been extremly succesful. She has made some of the most memorable songs with and without No Doubt. Including Don't speak, Just a Girl, Snday morning, Hey Baby, so on.. And solo, Cool, hollaback girl, the sweet escape, Rich girl, and her songs have been huge hits.
She has been one of the most succesful artist of all time. Gwen stefani is the best.
by WillowGrieff September 20, 2007
A person that a lot of people hate, but not me!
Gwen Stefani is hot and I don't care what you think, so there.
by Jiub July 07, 2005
A beautiful, gorgeous women adored by many. Great singer, took a break from No Doubt and she went solo, Though she is back with No Doubt-They toured round the world with Paramore in 2009. She is so cool and has such great style!
Who does Ellen always have on her show because she wants to make LESBO love to her? Oh that's Gwen stefani
by Saggster October 24, 2010
the best woman in the whole world
the best voive
the nicests abs
the coolest body
the best ability to write songs

No Doubt's front woman

33 year old lady

Gavin Rossdale's girl
See IDOL, see SEXY, see NO DOUBT
by Jawi November 22, 2003
A singer for the group No Doubt. She is know for her unique style and great voice
Gwen Stefani is in a band? I always thought she a solo artist
by Alicia July 01, 2003
The most wonderful frontwoman with a beautiful voice, and amazing talent. She is in the band no doubt, who are they? why the best band known to man!
by Gwen's clone July 21, 2003
sexy-o-riffic super fuckable hot chick
whoever: hey, look it's Gwen Stefani
me: damn, i would hit that ass all night!
by darknesses January 23, 2008
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