An electric shaver for your face, or vibrating razor.
"I just need to use my Guybrator to get rid of this 5'oclock shadow then we're good to go."

"have you been using my guybrator?"
by ScottnAndy August 23, 2007
Top Definition
Guybrator is the term used to describe a male who is used for the sole purpose of their penis. Often in a fuckbuddy relationship, the man is the social equivalent of a vibrator; the receiver shows little affection to the man and attempts to control both his speed setting and positioning.
"She tells me to go faster, slower, do this, do that; I'm just a penis attatched to a body, she's showing me no love, I feel like a guybrator"
by Paddy Fraser March 10, 2005
slang term for a fleshlight, as said by scott mosier on smodcast 112
hey woman, you got your vibrator. well i got my guybrator.
by pinklipmoan April 12, 2010
A guy that a woman dates soley for the purpose of making her feel better both emotionally and sexually
P1: "Have you seen Ashley's new boyfriend of this week".
P2: "Yea, he's a total guybrator".
by wizard5424 January 13, 2012
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