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A large penis having both length and width. Large enough that while having sex, a woman feels almost like her stomach is being screwed; a somewhat gutwrenching pain if the penis is large enough. (a.k.a. mine)
"She said she liked it hard and rough...then I gave her a taste of the gutwrench, and she's not so sure about that anymore."
by the Den of Iniquity February 07, 2007
A feeling of utter despair from the very depths of your stomach.
You get the "Gut Rench" when for example your girlfriend who you are very fond of leaves you.
by Peter Shuttleworth October 21, 2003
tool, penis, schlong, wanker, helmet, cock, johnson, etc.
She grabbed a hold of my gut wrench and started stroking....
by buddhablaze January 28, 2003
something disgusting to taste like certain food.
Sickening to the stomach
Your mother's food is gutwrench.
by Ray McLure January 04, 2006
A gut wrench is an exceptionally large penis that when used properly can literally reach all the way into a womans gut and wrench them around.
Looks like molly got a gut wrench last night because she can hardly walk without doubling over with pain and saying "damn james" "I want a divorce.
by saharadryhumor January 15, 2015
A wrestling move used in both Freestyle and Greco-Roman to score back points. While back exposure is a near certainty, its impossible to pin with this move.
The truly amazing thing about Rulon Gardner's victory in the 2000 Olympics is that Karelin was unable to score with Gardner in Parre Terre position. A gutwrench is nearly a gimme in that situation.
by Silverbullet February 09, 2007
Combination Knife, Fork and Spoon issued to Canadian Infantry, carried on webbing in the field.
Make sure you got your gut wrench, because nobody will share theirs !
by Maximus March 13, 2003
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