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{1} The result of an aberrant phenomenon when a man ejaculates in the back of a woman's throat, to whom he is not yet married, thus impregnating her and inevitably producing offspring.

{2} A good name for a band.

{3} A child conceived out of wedlock, whom exited the mother's body through her oral cavity.
Jim's mom virgin who has never been married. In fact, I know she used to be a blow job philanthropist, and I know that Jim is not adopted. This means one thing; Jim is a guttural love child. What a douche.

Dude, Guttural Love Child's last set was their best - are you deaf?

I can't believe that sinful child just came out of that woman's mouth. In all the years of delivering babies, I've never seen anything this fucked up. It's astounding to think that this sort of phenomenon actually exists.
by George Alexander November 13, 2009
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