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An ugly pig of a woman that lurks around in bars and clubs by herself waiting to feast on any man that dares to embrace her. She too like a rat will enter the armpits of the bar/club scene to infest the opposite sex with the diseases she bares.
"What a gutter rat that bitch is. I wouldn't fuck her with your dick, man"
by Muzbooze August 28, 2009
A broke, ruthless, and pathetic person, more commonly found to be a female who's number one goal is to use others for tangible goods. He/she will pray on any unsuspecting person in places such as clubs, school, or even church, befriend them and use them until they have nothing left to give.

This person may also be known by the terms: leech, mooch, golddigger, and scrub.
"I can't believe that hot chick just gave me her number!" ... "Man, don't call that gutter rat. She's only gave it to you because she knows your mom gives people free buddy passes."

I don't know why she wont just kick him out once and for all. All he does is eat all her food and use her for her deluxe internet/cable bundle. Total gutterrat if you ask me!
by Open-your-eyes-509 July 25, 2010
A slutty hoodrat with no ambition in life, does not wish to better herself
" Yo, he's fucking that bitch? She got no dough, lives off welfare, has six kids with six baby daddies and will fuck any deerlick that tells her she's got a fat ass"

" I know. The bitch is a straight GUTTER-RAT"
by TheInfamousMissLillyMolynuex January 12, 2010
A gutter rat is one whom drives 4x4 lifted trucks and breeds within the family. They also may be attracted to minors and/or members of the same sex.

A gutter rat may live in a home of equal or lesser value than a trailor that carries horses.. A gutter rat is similar but not the same as the term "redneck/hick."
Nascar Drivers, or hicks.

How you would use Gutter Rat in a sentence.

My Friend _____ is a gutter rat because he/she lives in a trailer park and has two kids with his/her brother/sister.

My 18 year old Friend _____ is a gutter rat because he hits on 14 year olds.

I hate that Guy because he drives a gutter rat truck.

And so on and so forth.
by Brian, Mark , Paul, Travis July 28, 2006
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