When punk kids decide to be hippies.
A lot of no-chemical ideals (no deodorant), often dreadlocks, and they're the ones bumming change so they can go to the show.
Pretty much the mortal enemies of street punks, because the smelly bastards give punk a bad name.
*See hippies in dirty faded punk clothes on the street corner with dredlocks and an obvious hygene problem, that's a gutter punk.*
by HerRebelHeart March 12, 2008
1. Any punk who looks overly filthy, or like he is taking is "punkness" too far. Usually can be seen at concerts pulling down crowd surfers or trying to kick people with their steel-toed Doc's.
2. Any punk sounding overly harsh, political, or generally offensive. (See Gutter Mouth and Dead Kennedies.)
If that gutter punk kicks me in the shin one more time I will knock the filth off him.
by Anonymous December 09, 2002
Any punk that seems poor or dirty. Richard Hell was a gutter punk. He actually needed his safety pins to hold his clothes together. Sid Vicious was also a gutter punk. Pretty much everyone who hung out at McLaren's shop in London was a gutter punk. There are some bands who are considered gutter punks.
The Casualties, The Dead Kennedys, Guttermouth, Sex Pistols, Eater and Antisocial are all gutter punk bands.
by Freak Face May 13, 2005
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