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1) of or relating to being consistently trashy in attire, vernacular, and body language.

See trashy defined for English-language learners.

2) of or relating to being inconsistent with popular perception.

3) careless of one's present circumstances

4) relating to hygiene of the subject

5) to be filthy like a street or rain gutter


a) Tasteless
b) Vulgar in nature
c) Undesirable
d) Attention Seeking
a) Guy: Ever since Hayley Williams of Paramore started going out with Chad Gilbert after the release of Bran New Eyes, she's been gutter material!

Girl: OMG! That is so true. lolz
b) Guy 1: What's her name I want to ask her out?

Guy 2: No dude she's gutter material

Guy 1: On the second thought. Forget what I just said.
c) Girl: If you say that again I will be so pissed.

Guy: Say what?

Girl: You are so gutter material.
by itstayloryall June 23, 2013

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