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The sexual act of taking a mouth full of saliva, water or some other fluid (e.g. sparkling wine or hot sauce), and repeating the action of blowing said fluid in and out of the anus of a sexual partner. It is customary for both partners to share the ingestion of the fluid of choice after a suitable number of cycles have been performed.

A Gutter Flush involves bending a girl/boy over (or having them squat on your face) after filling your mouth with a liquid of both your choosing. One would then create a tight seal with one's lips around the anus of the lover, and blow the contents of one's mouth into said anus. One would then suck the contents out again into the mouth, and repeat as required/desired, before sharing the liquid with one's partner.
" I went out last night and ended up gutter flushing a hot babe down an alley with beer. I swilled it ten times before blowing half down her mouth and drinking the rest. It was lovely."
by S T Beales Esq. May 21, 2012
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