Worshiping place/mothership for Islam Ver 1.2 - Sikhs

Sikhs often use these as baits by hiding their terrorist gurus (guru bhindranwale bin laden)and then tempting your goverment to attack. After the attack, they will kill you prime minister (ref: Indira Gandhi) and ask for a seperate nation to be made of the ghetto in which they live.

Originally, gurudwaras used to come with a fuse, but not they are available with remote-detonation capability.

Very similar to mosques in architecture, but are white and have 300% more RDX.
Girl: Why is that gurudwara lying on the road?
Guy: Stay clear and inform the police, they want your govt to trip on it and declare civil war

Girl: Where do you come from, you sexy uber-muslim ultra-jehadi?
Guy: From da bronx that is rightfully Khalistan, bitch, and so iz yo house, we've lived in america long enough.

Girl: Who was to blame for 9/11
Guy: Sikhs, bitch, we did it with Canada-bound Kanisha flight 15 yrs before 9/11. Remember?
by Peter Nathan September 24, 2007
Top Definition
Sikhs worshiping or religious place. They go their for worship and pray to God for Global peace and prosperity.Gurdwara is a house of the guru, derived from "Gur" for Guru, and "Dwara" meaning house or door. People of all religious backgrounds or of no religious faith are welcomed into a Sikh Gurdwara. However, it is necessary that any visitors remove their shoes and cover their head with a rumâl before entering the Darbar Sahib. Visitors are also forbidden to go into the gurdwara while they are inebriated or possess alcohol, cigarettes or any intoxicating substance.

a mosque - muslims worship place
a church - Christians worship place
Gurudwara is Sikhs worship place.
by Inderpreet Singh May 31, 2008
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