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A pussy boy posing as a hardened gangsta.
John: That rapper Hellnback from Teamrezofficial's a Real Gunktah!

Bob: Yea I know! His real name's karen, he works at a coffee shop, and I heared he's a teacher... He just poses as a hard ass thug so I guess when he says he's gunktah, he's sayin really sayin he's a fake ass pussy!
by navajo_joe September 09, 2009
A new term used on the urban streets of Canada, United States and Mexico. It describes a person to be "fake", especially around police authorities.

A) A person of both genders who cries to get their way but acts like a gangster and demonstrates self-delusion. Often from youth males who claim they are part African American and adopt the modern culture such as Rap, Hip-Hop and various "From the streets" attitudes when it is clear they have never lived life on the streets.

B) A self-proclaimed "Rapper" who raps tough, acts tough and talks tough. When it comes time to be interviewed by the police while being involved in minor disputes he will force himself to cry and make it seem like he is the victim. Therefore, He assumes that he has clean criminal record.
A. "That gunktah can't say hes from the streets, cause he was born and raised by gravel roads in isolated communities!"

B. "That piece of shit rapper ain't shit, he's just a damn gunktah! If I ever met that guy I'd knock him a new hole to rap out of."
by EastSideHoop October 30, 2007
Gunktah is an someone who represents. It means strength and courage, and fun, bullshit, don't have to live nothing, something you wish you were.
Gunktah is a shining star, brave, foxy, brown, lovely, God.
by justice is served April 06, 2008
someone people love to talk about .

and also someone who does not care about talk.
just keep it all the way gunktah like they do..
by ummmm..........k April 26, 2010
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